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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my kids for school?

Daybreak children attend the following schools. Please call the school directly for registration details.

Daybreak Academy Pre – 3rd 11221 S Copper Rock Dr 801-878-1788
Daybreak Elementary K - 6th 4544 Harvest Moon Dr 801-302-0553
Eastlake Elementary K - 6th 4389 Isla Daybreak Rd 801-446-0778
Copper Mountain Middle 7th – 9th 12106 Anthem Park Blvd 801-412-1200

American Academy
of Innovation

6th- 12th 5410 W. South Jordan Pkwy 801-810-4786
Herriman High School 10th – 12th 11917 S 6000 W 801-567-8530
Early Light Academy K – 9th 11709 S Vadania Drive 801-302-5988

How do I reserve a community garden plot? 

Visit the following Community Gardens page on our website for information about garden plots

How do I borrow a canoe or sailboat?

Boats are available for Daybreak residents to check out from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. Take your resident ID card to the boat ramp on the west side of Oquirrh Lake. The Harbor Master will happily lend you a boat. Get all of the details on the following Oquirrh Lake page below.

Can I fish in Oquirrh Lake?

You can fish in Oquirrh Lake. You must have a valid Utah State fishing license, and all corresponding rules apply. Please stay within the designated fishing areas as posted.

Can I swim in Oquirrh Lake?

Swimming and wading are not allowed in Oquirrh Lake, due to the effect this would have on the water quality and ecosystem of the lake.

When are the community swimming pools open?

Eastlake Swimming Pool, Brookside Swimming Pool, Highland Park Pool, DCC Pool and the Splash Pad are open every day of the week from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. You’ll find the specific hours for lap swimming, open plunge and so forth on the following Pool & Splash Pad page.

How do I reserve a tennis court?

Use of all community sport courts in Daybreak is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Find out where all the courts are located on the following Sport Courts page.

Are there any rules I need to know about the walking/biking trails?

Trails in Daybreak are designed specifically for pedestrians and bikers. Motorized vehicles are not allowed. Dogs are welcome on the trails. Please ensure your dogs are on a leash at all times. Residents are required to pick up after their pets. Please make sure you do so.

What are the hours for the parks?

Parks in Daybreak are open from sunrise to sunset.

Who do I call if I have a problem with my home?

For warranty work on your home, please call your homebuilder. Issues with power, gas, water or sewer should be directed to the appropriate utility company. For home repairs outside of the warranty period, please contact an independent contractor. For issues affecting multiple residential dwellings in a multi-family home, contact the Community Association at 801-254-8062.

Are residents allowed to hold block parties?

Of course! Residents can reserve a pavilion. Call the Daybreak Community Center at 801-253-6418 for reservation information. Residents can also hold a party on their street. If you are planning to block off your street for a party, you must have permission from Daybreak Community Association and the City of South Jordan. Call the Daybreak Community Association at 801-254-8062 for more information.

Where do I park my boat or camper?

Recreational vehicles are allowed on streets and in driveways for only 24 hours in a four-day period for the purpose of loading and unloading. Storage of recreational vehicles is prohibited on streets or in driveways. Daybreak has a storage area for boats and RVs up to 30 feet in length. Email RVLot@daybreakcommunities.com for rates and availability.

Can I put up a satellite dish?

Satellite dishes can be installed in Daybreak with prior approval from the Daybreak Community Association office. Please call 801-254-8062 for approval information.

What are the Daybreak Community Association Governing Documents and where can I find them?

The Governing Documents are deed restrictions recorded against each property in Daybreak and make up the legal documents that establish Daybreak as a Planned Community and govern its operation. To protect property values and preserve the character of the Community, the legal documents provide for the establishment of architectural standards and the development of rules that govern the use of property within the community. You are encouraged to read all of the Governing Document received at or before closing.

These documents are also located at the link below 

If you live in a townhome or condominium, you will also have governing documents for that specific association.

How does snow removal work in Daybreak?

The streets and lanes within Daybreak are public roadways; therefore, the City of South Jordan is responsible for snow removal services for all streets and lanes. Each single-family homeowner is obligated to remove snow from their driveway, entry walks, and the public sidewalks in front and on the side of their home. Be aware that the city street plows will leave a snow berm in front of your driveway as they clear the street and push snow from the center of the road. Village Community homes, townhomes, condominium owners, and Garden Park residents pay additional assessments to have these services provided to the common area driveways and walking paths within their complex. See more details >

Can I put up a basketball hoop in my yard?

Permanent basketball goals may be placed upon a unit if not visible from the street. Free standing poles must be located at least 30 feet back from the street curb.

I've heard that Daybreak homes have the "Fiber to the Home" internet technology. Is this available at my new home?

Daybreak Communities, the developer, has an agreement with CenturyLink to provide “Fiber to the Home". All connected Daybreak homes receive access to the internet through this technology. A special "Telecommunity" service area assessment is included in HOA fees, effective on the closing date of your home. Charged by the Daybreak Community Association on a quarterly basis, the fee covers a monthly subscription to high-speed Internet service with download speeds of 100Mbps. This advanced broadband digital network is connected to each home as it is built. To set up your service, call the Daybreak CenturyLink team at 866-316-1975.

CenturyLink Contact Information CenturyLink Contact Information (223 KB)

What is the LiveDAYBREAK Community Council?

LiveDAYBREAK is the non-profit community council for Daybreak. The mission of LiveDAYBREAK is to develop a vibrant and caring community. The Council plans and hosts a variety events and activities, provides educational programs, and coordinates charitable giving projects for residents.

What is the difference between the Daybreak Community Association and LiveDAYBREAK Community Council?

The Daybreak Community Association is the organization that enforces the Community Covenants and Restrictions (CC&R’S) and maintains common areas, parks, open space, and amenities. They are the “accountants” for all of the resident monthly assessments. The Daybreak Community Association has a five-member board, currently comprised of three Daybreak Communities employee representatives and two residents. The LiveDAYBREAK Community Council helps to enhance how the community lives and has its own bylaws and covenants. LiveDAYBREAK has its own staff comprised of a Director, two Recreation Managers, and a Communications Manager.

Why are there both a Daybreak Community Association and a Community Council?

Each of these entities performs a different function to keep Daybreak looking great and living well. Funding for each entity comes from different sources. The Daybreak Community Association uses the monthly assessments and fines to pay for all of the regular community maintenance. LiveDAYBREAK uses the community enhancement fees generated from the sale of new and existing homes to pay for the functions of the Council. Builders pay a .25% enhancement fee on the sales price of each new home. Homeowners pay a .5% enhancement fee on the resell of their home. These resources allow the community to remain financially healthy in perpetuity.

What is different about a “transfer fee” and a community enhancement fee?

Transfer fees can send money back to a developer to offset costs of development and are now illegal in the State of Utah. Daybreak does not have a “transfer fee”. Daybreak has a “community enhancement fee” that funds LiveDAYBREAK. No funds go back to the developer or home builders but are instead invested back into the community to ensure that Daybreak as a planned community will remain financially stable.

What types of activities does the Council do?

LiveDAYBREAK designs events, activities, and programs aligned with five pillars of connecting, lifelong learning, embracing arts and diversity, healthy living, and giving back. This includes large community events, as well as smaller educational classes, sustainability-focused activities, and gatherings planned for a diversity of groups at Daybreak. The Council also supports resident-organized clubs.

Are all events and activities free and limited to Daybreak residents only?

While the majority of community events LiveDAYBREAK hosts are free, some charge fees to cover their higher costs. Activities are limited to Daybreak residents and their guests. 

How do I get more involved in the community?

The LiveDAYBREAK is always looking for residents to be a part of the LiveDAYBREAK Volunteer Activities Council. This group of resident volunteers helps the Council to plan and implement the events, activities, and programs. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the following LiveDAYBREAK Volunteer Activities Council Facebook page:

Can new buyers under contract start using the boats, pool and community center?

Daybreak’s future residents who have signed contracts on homes under construction are welcome to use the community amenities and attend LiveDAYBREAK events and activities. This often makes the transition to a new neighborhood much smoother and offers an opportunity to meet neighbors and become familiar with all that Daybreak. Builder sales agents must complete a Home Under Contract Information and Facility Use Authorization form for new buyers. Once completed, buyers can obtain a three-month amenity access card by taking this form to the Daybreak Community Center during normal hours.

Is the Association responsible for cleaning up pet waste?

No. Individual owners are responsible to immediately clean up after their pet(s). For your convenience, pet waste stations are provided throughout the community; however, picking up after your pet(s) is not a service provided by the Association. The Management Team will continue to educate individual pet owners of their responsibility and issue violation fines as necessary. If you are able to identify the owner that does not clean up after their pet(s), we encourage you to contact the Association office immediately.

What can we do about Solicitors in Daybreak?

If you are having trouble with solicitors please call the Association office with the vendor's contact information. We will contact their office and ask that they do not solicit in Daybreak. The Association does not have any legal standing to force someone out of Daybreak, as our streets are public. The businesses are not subject to Daybreak rules. To become subject to rules you must own/rent property within Daybreak. However, management always works to help the residents when they submit a complaint and most of the entities contacted have agreed to leave the neighborhood.

What do my quarterly assessments pay for?

The Daybreak Community Association assessment pays for the operation and upkeep of all common areas and amenities in Daybreak, i.e. landscaping, snow removal, pools, the community center, etc. For more details visit financial information page of the HOA.

Please note that Townhome and Condominium owner’s pay a separate Townhome or Condominium assessment. 

Are there any committees I can join to be more engaged in the community?

The Daybreak Community Association has three permanent committees. There are also Ad-Hoc committees that are formed to work on specific projects and are then disbanded with the project is complete. The permanent committees are the following.

  • The Design Review Committee has three to seven members with two non-voting alternate members. The purpose of the Design Review Committee is to promote aesthetic excellence throughout the Community by reviewing all exterior modifications and approving with compliance to the Governing Documents, Architectural Guidelines, and Landscape Guidelines.
  • The Covenants Committee consists of seven voting members and two alternate non-voting members. The purpose of the covenants committee is to be a hearing tribunal for the Association.
  • The Budget & Finance Committee consists of three to five members with the committee chair being the Treasurer of the Board of Directors. The purpose of the Budget & Finance Committee is to review the monthly financials for the Association, assist in the annual budget preparation and complete and financial related project requests from the Board.