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We think the key word in “community management” is community. That sounds obvious… and yet, many of us have had experience with neighborhood organizations and HOA’s that felt otherwise. We just think that home is about more than bricks and mortar. Home is about the people who live here. Smiles. Harmony. Joy. At CCMC, we build community by bringing people together in the neighborhoods where they live and in the offices where we work. Simply put, we create experiences that connect people. This means putting service first, encouraging leaders to be their best, and infusing life with fun! No wonder the most vibrant communities across the country have trusted us to transform households into homes, and turn neighbors into friends. It’s no coincidence that CCMC currently serves more than 200 of the nation’s most successful community associations, including Terrain.

CCMC has more than 700 dedicated team members serving over 120,000 households across ten different states. And with dozens of community lifestyle professionals across the country, our clients always have access to the hottest national amenity trends and latest programming ideas. This produces communities that are engaged, active, sought after, and filled with residents who build strong relationships with one another. To learn more, visit www.CCMCnet.com.

CCMC. Now this feels like home.®